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Authors and Writers: Take your writing from good to excellent.

Chances are you’ve built your business on great ideas. You’ve done the tough research. You’ve learned how to explain the nuances of your subject. And you’ve honed your message to a fine point.

People are eager to learn what you have to teach.Wordshop photo - smiley face

Once you put it out there, your writing represents you, your innovations, and your business. It builds your credibility and expertise. More than that, it helps you transform readers into clients while building your brand, visibility, and reputation.

And your business book provides the cornerstone for making a difference in the lives of those you touch.

That’s what you’ll achieve when you tap into the editing expertise of Barbara McNichol Editorial (BME). This video tells the tale.

If you’re writing articles, reports, nonfiction books, and more, put Barbara McNichol Editorial (BME) on your team. You can expect a responsive, professional editing process that takes your writing from good to better to excellent.

In the process of editing your work, BME will:

  • Add artistry and persuasion, clarity and consistency to your writing
  • Revise phrases to improve the expression of your ideas
  • Suggest strong, on-purpose chapter titles and subheads
  • Get rid of jargon, wordiness, redundancy, repetition
  • Format your manuscript so it’s ready for the design phase
  • Correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and a lot more

Choose editing services that add polish, power, and professionalism to your writing every time.

Want to get started on editing YOUR book? Please complete my Planner by downloading it from this website page:


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